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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 49

while the rest of the crew bent another topsail.
So begins my sailor life. July 12 + 13. No glimpse
of the sun yet, + almost constant rain. Sea sick
48 hours.
Wednesday July 23. Head wind until the last day or
two when it hauled free, and at day light this morning
we were in sight of the Luzon hills [1]. About noon pass
Corrigidor [Corregidor] island [2], and at 5 P.M. anchor off Manila.
Latter part of the voyage quite pleasant, this day delightful
with its light + shadow on the green shores of the
‘magnificent Bahia de Manila.’ Eve. rain.
Thursday July 24. Ship visited by Health Officer,
“Capitan del Puerto”. Compradors +c. Capt. Johnson
on board in the morning. ‘Make ready’ for shore.
Friday July 25. Land from the ship’s boat. Present
letter to Mess. Russell +Sturgis. ‘Prospect’ for
quarters, at the French + San Fernando hotels. First
one full. Second one has a spare rat hole. Stroll down
toward the Light house. Drop into Comprador Yates’s, inquire
the price of eggs + take tiffin with him, to the music of
a harp played by his indian woman. Meet captain
of the English Barq, whose sailors sang “Nancy”, the night
we won + lost at Java Head [3]. P.M. Take a carriage, + ride

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