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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 26

drink “jaggery” [1] juice. Notice their curious prao [2] and
more curious selves and take water from a little
china cup under their green roof. Altogether a new
world to me. Loaded my pockets with shells. About
5 o’clock started back “for home.” All again on board
the hospitable englishman. After tea and talking
said “good night,” and at 8 o’clock Capt. M. landed
Capt. Brown at the Sonora, and “we two” were safe
on the Oriental. A delightful day. Capt. M. isn’t
the “Crab” we thought, but the source of all our
pleasure. Read an English paper [3], date Dec. 30, makes
us fearful of war [4], an account of Mason + Slideel [5].

Mew Bay [6], May 3. Jä-ä-la 4 yrs old. This
brown little Malay is “my friend.” Why not? didn’t I
give him one of my mother's own ring cookies and hear
him say “good”? Then coax him for an autograph?
He let me have it. I held his hand while he wrote
the first line of this entry with my gold pen. He, and
his father Sellim are sitting in the cabin with me now.
This morning early, “Joanna Frederika” filled away
and soon fell off to leeward, finally getting south
of the Carpenters, and beating back to anchorage about
noon. Like so many monkeys the whole fleet began

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