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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 41

Thursday, June 12. Short sail before breakfast. P.M. Go on
camphor trunk hunt [1]. Take trunk + books + whiskey to the J. Snow.
Friday. June 13. Shopping + C. Get tin pots (quart + pint)
plate and pan, to hold young “Salt’s” provisions. Boat ride
before tea.
Saturday June 14. ½ past 6 A.M. With Capt. Johnson and a
thousand spectators, interested in the hanging of four Chinese
Pirates at the gallows erected at the top of a Hong Kong jail wall.
They were the remnant of 18 Chinamen who tried to take
the Macao stmr. “Iron Prince,” [2] a short time since. the
rest meeting death at the time of assault.
Visited the Receiving ship “Princess Charlotte.” [3] 9 P.M. Took up
quarters in the “Jabez Snow” startling two small cockroaches in my
“bunk.” At last am a “de facto” boy before the mast, sharing the
carpenter’s room.
Saturday June 16. “Indisposed.” stay at home all day.
Saturday June 21. The week past, without incident
between shore, ship and coal dust. This morning at
8 o’clock, armed with introduction Mr. Forbes from Mr. Dillino
went aboard the White Cloud steamer. Reached
Canton at ½ past 2 P.M. and was provided quarters
in the Hong of Mess.. Russell + Co. Honam. Mr. Beaumont
from the Hong Kong house is visiting Mr. Forbes [4]. Both

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