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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 44

home 4 or 5 nights ago. Saved books + some furniture.
Tuesday June 24. Rise at ½ past 3. ½ past 4 in
the boat bound up the river with the two missionaries.
Reach Fat (Fut) Shan at 9a.m. Look at Mr. Con-
dit’s new house now building. Go to the hospital where
Dr K prescribes for over two hundred cases + Mr.
P. medicates their souls. Start back about 2 P.M.
See thousands of ducks. duck boats + duck factory
where are eggs in all stages from first heat to peep
and break. Ascend three story (Sen Po) Pagoda, six miles
above Canton, so gaining a good view of immense
rice plain, green trees, and villages. Picked few
leaves as memento. Reached home 6 P.M.
Wednesday June 25. Rest, not stepping one foot
outside the Hong. Read De Quincey’s Reminiscences
of Coleridge
[1]. Write Aunt Eveline.
Thursday June 26. A rainy trip about town with Mr. + Mrs.
Vrooman. Visit an Ancestral Hall, quantities of shops
+ close with a second peep into the Temple of Longevity.
See by the way, an edible rat, puppy, and cage of undressed cats.

Tuesday June 27. Get a little dentistry from Dr. Kerr. Being caught

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