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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 53

Sunday, Oct. 19. Delightful. Enter Gaspar Straits [1]
by Stole’s passage (just west of Pulo Ding-ding.) [2] 
taking a famous land swell by the way, at sunset.
Oct. 20, 2 A.M. Anchor in the midst of a lovely group
of “Summer isles of Eden.” 6 A.M. Under way again.
Tuesday, Oct. 28. Anchor in Anjer road at evening,
with quite a fleet of ships. Among them the “Sans Pareil[3]
an English 90-gun war steamer, bound for Shanghai.
Midshipman boards us to get war news (!) from
China. Oct. 29. A stock of fresh provisions, and
a fresh fine start at 8 A.M. Enter Indian Ocean
through the Great Ship Channel, to the music of
Java sparrows, chickens and geese.
Oct. 19. Pass Anambas Islands (lying south of Natuna) [4]
Friday, Nov. 21. Lat. at noon 27°47 S., long 51°30’. [5] At two
o’clock A.M. while pumping ship, a splendid meteor
shot across the sky from east to west, against the
wind, at an angle of about 45° with the horizon. At shore with
a steady light intensely brilliant, and midway of
the heavens gave out a converging tail of white light
that lengthened and broke into many colored rocket stars
an instant before the whole was lost behind the low lying clouds

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