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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 20

With untold wealth of greenest moss and shrubs.
Java Head [1] itself is a bluff of this kind. “Friar’s rocks” [2] on
the east. Carpenter’s rocks [3] on the west side, three
miles apart, mark the channel entrance. Prince’s [4]
island to the north of us, from a high hill in the east seems
to stretch away in rich and gentle undulation to the west,
while beyond its one small mountain rises the lonely,
cloud capped form of Crokatoa Peak [5] very blue, very distant,
sixty miles away. By measurement, I find the highest
point of the ridge just back of Java Head to be about 1000 ft.
Our nine companions shew their beauties finely,
tacking to and fro in this narrow space all trying to
beat each other as well as the wind, in getting first
within the strait. Norwegian, british, yankees. A
“perfect beauty” of a brig [6]. The blue and red lights from
port (^red) and starboard (^blue), gleam prettily in the darkness.
A Dutch ship floating by struck “seven bells,” that sounded
sweetly over the still evening sea. One could hear the murmur
of conversation but better, more inspiring than all, a
real hearty dog-bark.
Tuesday April 29. Therm 92 in the shade. Spoke a large
Six-topsail yard Yankee the [name crossed out] “Jabez (!) Snow” at 2 o’c a.m.
117 days from Cardiff - bound to Hong Kong - Has already been

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