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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 2

Cleared for Hong-Kong. Dec. 9. 1861
Barque Oriental 480 tons register
Joseph Johnson, master, native of Sweden.
Cornelius B. Knudson, alias Charles Nelson, first mate, native of Norway
Chaa Monk, Arhee-Steward, native of China
Lum-you, Cook, native of China
Carpenter, alias “Chips,” native of Danzig, Prussia
Second watch: Harry, native of Hamburg, Prussia
White-head, sailmaker, Schleswig, Denmark
Boy, Herrman, ordinary seaman, Germans
First mate’s watch:
Christian (Krist), Denmark
Tom, a “Russe Finn”
Frank, “Portugue,” Fayal, Western Islands
Long Jack, City of Hanover
John, “ordinary seaman,” Norway
Franklin D. Whitmore, second mate, Bath, Maine
Cornelius B. Gold, Passenger, Washington Conn.
All but the two last and the Chinamen shipped as “native Americans.”

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