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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 8

midnight. double reef fore. Top sail + single reef
main top sail. 25th morning. another reef in
main top sail. main sail furled yesterday.
Wind aft. with a very heavy sea running.
1 P.M. Shipped a sea, several times weight.
over the starboard rail. 4 ½ P.M. Sailed
into the very centre of a magnificent
rainbow, whose brilliant arch spanned the
eastern horizon, and doubling round
compassed the Oriental [1] in its arms, resting
a hand on either side her stern.
Thursday Feb. 27. Last midnight heard
Capt. J. order “a sharp look out for icebergs”
and use the water thermometer every four
hours. Water 66°. all day. Air 58°. Last evening
in the dogwatch. Mr. Whitmore labored with me
on the propriety of “roughing it.” This morning
I, C.B. Gold, crossed the rubicon. Bought a
belt, sheath and two knifes of the Commander.
in-chief buckled on, and “buckled in” at 9 A.M
Made sinnett [2], turned grind stone, + turned sailor.
“Knocked off” at 5 P.M. 1st Mate and Long Jack have
a “bout” with mallet fist +c. Long Jack escapes

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