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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 6

Jan. 19. Sea all about us alive with Bonito [1]
Lat. 2° 53’ S., Long. 31° 9’ W. [2], Air 80°.
Feb. 3. Trades leave us in about 25° south.
Feb. 5. Light variable airs from eastward
and pleasant weather. Lat. 27° S., Long 26° 22’ W [3].
Exchanged salutes with British ship to windward.
Write to Stamford. G.H.’s 20th birthday.
Jan. 30. All day passing to the westward and
within sight of the island of Trinidad [4]. Took
bearings from the southern point. Small sail
under the island lee visible from aloft. West side
a rock of cylindrical form 850 ft high, almost
detached from the island. Also a bluff rock.
Profile of Isle Trinidad. Westside. (To Brazil)
[sketch of island profile]
850          1160     800
Nine Pin Sugarloaf Bluff
800 ft high, through which, an arched passage 40 ft
high, 50 feet broad, and 420 long. Sea breaks thro’ it with
great noise, more than three fathoms water under it.
Sugarloaf 1160 ft high. trees on summit and when it
rains, a beautiful waterfall of above 700 ft is

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