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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 46

Monday June 30. After breakfast, go by boat to
Howqua’s+ Potinqua’s? gardens. Call at Mr. V’s. Meet Mr.
+Mrs. Nevins there. Go to their house for a good look at the
Dragon Boat’ [1] then thundering through the canal with
its gongs + seventy paddles. Tiffin in Honam. Arrival of
Mr. Forbes with Mr. Sturgis [2]. 4P.M. Take a walk in Canton
to the silk-weavers with “young Cooly,” and cross Sha min [3]
the new ground for foreigners, and a general resort
for them at sunset. See a “practicing physician
showing his muscle.”
Tuesday July 1. Forenoon. Take chair + “look see pidgeon" [4]
in Canton. Sleeping Budha (Kwanghautsy), Temple of
Five Genii. City Temple, or Chamber of Horrors (minus
the horrors as I missed them). Magistrates Office. Treasury
now occupied by French consulate. and English Consulate
situated in grounds to the rear of the Tartar General [5].
P.M. Witnessed complimentary visit of the Commissioner
of Customs to U.S. Consul Perry. Rev. Mr. Preston interpreter
+ friend to the latter. Went home with Mr. Preston in Mr.
Perry’s boat and had a cosy goodbye chow-chow with
Mr. + Mrs. P + two small, pretty children.  Farewell call on Dr +
Mrs. Kerr. Retire at 1/2 past 10.
Wednesday July 2 A.M. Look inside the Custom house

Page 46