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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 57

Pass Bally Head and Kinsale Point [1] (mouth of Cork Harbor) [2] before noon.
Irish coast in view all day.
Feb 18, midnight. Head wind and fog off Holyhead. [3] Feb. 19th, 9 A.M.
Steamer by Skerry Light. Anchor at dark. Friday Feb 20th.
Enter the Mersey. 4 P.M. Ship fast in Waterloo Dock [4]
and all hands clear of her. I stay on board all night, and read
letters from mother, Martha, Lillie, + Lucy Lyman.
Saturday, Feb 21. Take board and lodgings with Mr. Cummins,
30 Dublin St. Friday, Mar 6, 3.15 P.M. Leave
landing stage for Queenstown [5] via Holy Head and Dublin.
Dublin, 8 A.M. Mar 7th. 1 P.M. Train for Cork; arrive
8 P.M. Sunday at “Stephen’s Commercial Hotel” [6]
Go to Cathedral. Climb hill, etc. Weather delightful.
Monday, Mar 9, 8 A.M. Train for Queenstown. 12 m.
Sail in “City of Manchester” (stmr) [7] for New York.
Saturday, March 21, sundown. Buried Thomas Duffy
a steerage passenger who died last night. Monday, March
23. Land at Castle Garden [8], 4 P.M. and shake hands with
Lucius Clark at 3 Park Row: the last to part, the first
to greet my return. So ends my journey.

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