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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 42

gentlemen being engaged to a dinner party, I dined
in state alone at ½ past 7. After reading in Lucile,
Owen Meredith’s Ode to Dinner,
[1] as I sat in the
Bamboo Lookout, over the roof. Eve. Wrote mother.
Sunday June 22. There is rest for the weary.
5 P.M. Visited Honam Temple [2], the largest
Budhist monastery + temple in the city.
Tuesday Monday June 23. Breakfast 9 A.M. Mr. F. furnishes
me his chair and a cooly guide [3]. Crossed the river
in the Hong boat. Was lifted on the shoulders of
three coolies + travelled as follows. To Mr. Barney’s.
He is making ready for a return to Hong Kong tomorrow
to take his sick wife thence to Shanghai, Japan [4]
or possibly Macao for change of air. He gave
me a programme for the day, which I carried
out, with direction to the house of Rev. Mr. Vrooman
his colleague under the A.B.B.C.F.M. [5] Visited the
Execution Ground [6] + handled a severed skull lying
there. Examination Hall with its 7000 cells.
Temple of Confucius where birds nested + sang
under the deified philosopher’s roof over five
altars. On the grand altar of Confucius himself
laid a leaf + fern for consecration + pressed them in a book.

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