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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 28

over our bulwarks. His prao is loaded with fruit and
vegetables. Took some sweet potatoes, bananas, yams,
and eggs of him - will have more at Anjer. is an
old friend of Capt. J. Selim is about 40, worth
$40.000, dressed in white jacket, shirt, and dark trousers
and a kind of turban. His little boy is turbaned too.
with a blanket, or checked cloth wound about his
waist, reaching to the knees, and a light jacket.
Too dark to see those in the prau distinctly.
but could hear their rowing song. a unique one.
Midnight. Anchored in upper end of Mew Bay.
Sunday May 4. Captns Mulligan + Brown breakfasted
on the Oriental. Soon after, a light breeze coming
all the ships and made sail again. Cannata takes the
lead. Poor Joshua Mauran is becalmed close in
shore. and before dusk was lost to view. 18 sail
have been in company, beating up the strait.
Today the cleared lands along Welcome Bay appear.
Night almost calm. Burn flash lights with the
Monday May 5. This A.M. the Sonora took a long
leap, probably in Anjer road at Noon. 20 miles ahead
of us. Cannata out of sight this morning. Joshua too. hit in the rear

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