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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 25

Friday May 2. I have seen “those girls.” “Slicked up” [1]
after breakfast and at ½ past 9 went over the gangway [2]
with Capt. J. In a minute were flying off in the new
boat in a bee line for the Providence Bark. Received
a hearty “welcome on board the Joshua Mauran”, from
Capt. Mulligan. Met Capt. Brown of the Sonora.
Capt. M was invited to dine on the “Cannata.
and so didn’t like to take us there direct, but started
in his nice sailboat in a diplomatic cruise
to the dutch brig “Joanna Frederika ”, managing a run
close astern of the Cannata. Her captain from the
poop called out, “Captain aren’t you coming aboard?”
“Yes, but going to discharge these gentlemen first.”
“Bring ‘em all with you.” “Done,” chuckled the old man
to us, and in half a giffy we were “in clover” [3] on the
deck of Capt. Hudson. Mrs. H is the pretty woman
in looks and ways I fancied her to be. Gave an excellent
dinner in a real home cabin with fireplace mantel,
wild flowers and coral from the island, and a piano. Met
[P.M.] there as passengers. Mr. and Mrs. Marples + Mr. Morris
P.M. Sail round to the other side of Mew Island. See wild
monkeys on the shore and bats in the air, large as a hen
hawk. Splendid camp on the beach. Visit Malay camp.

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