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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 35

Tuesday May 13. 9 A.M.. squally from N.N.W. rain.
At noon Pulo Glassa (Gaspar) bore N.W. dist. 3 miles
A strong current setting to the westward. See a good
many snakes in these waters.
Wednesday May 14. At 4 P.M.. strong breeze from
WSW in a squall [1], lasted three hours. The barque
and a large ship in company.
Thursday May 15. Sight three more sails,
one appears like a man of war brig. It was curious
this P.M. to watch the dealings of a squall, with our
neighbors. Each ship seeming to catch a different
wind. All shortening sail, one after another getting
thrown aback + finally bending and bounding to
the blast. Not so terrific a blast after all. But
squalls are ticklish customers to deal with here.
At 6 P.M. a very black one rose to windward. Then
came our turn to “strip to it.” But this time more
frightened than hurt. The dark cloud quickly
overspread our heaven. But away under the blue sky
our friends rode peacefully. Saw two sharks.
The water is thick with animalcule, resembles white
dust floating. Suppose it to be whale food. 9 A.M.
Lat. 1º 14s. Long 107º 41 e [2]. Let go kedge anchor in 25

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