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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 43

Five Story Pagoda [1] by the wall on a hill in rear
of and from its upper windows commanding a
fine view of the city, and surrounding country.
its graves, gardens widespread plains, water,
distant hills + caves. Same pattern as throne in
Anjer. Ancient Budhist Pagoda.  1000 yrs.
Temple of Longevity. Another Budh monastery
containing the only colossal Bacchus. Jolly
rollicking, big bellied, dimple cheeked God I
have seen. Temple of 500 Gods [2]
House of Rev. D. Vrooman [3]. Entered by the chapel
door which opens on the street + find the divine
teaching 30 Chinese juveniles their first steps
in military tactics. Also meet Mrs V. there +
in a few moments dismissing the children,
and shown into the dwelling. Pleasant visit
good dinner in spite of apologies, afterward, evening
boat ride with Mr. + Mrs. V. to Mr. Bonney’s [4] for an
instant then to Rev. Mr. Preston of the Presb. Board
who has with him Dr. Kerr [5], an excellent medical
missionary. Am invited to accompany these
two gentlemen up the river to Fat Shan tomorrow.
See Mrs. P. also Rev Mr. + Mrs. Condit burned out of house +

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