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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 52

Wednesday Sept. 10. On shore in boat with Capt. Ginn, calling
by the way on board the “Richard Busteed”  (she sails today for
Sidney.)  Pass the day reading American news at house
of Russel + Sturgis.  Close with repulse of McClellan’s army
before Richmond.  Friday Sept. 12. Midnight fire
extinguished in the hemp of the “Daphne.” Assistance
rendered by “Jabez Snow” + “Avon.”  Sept. 13. Finish
loading. Cargo consists of 700 tons sugar + 800 tons
hemp.  Monday Sept. 15. Ready for sea.  Jim, alias
“Scotty” arrives on board at evening in charge of three
soldiers.  Is pale + thin from his month in prison.
Charles Emerson, another of our crew we leave
in the hospital with heart disease.  Last night
went on board the Avon with Mr. McKinney  Had a
pleasant talk with Mr. Gould, an old seaman from
New Haven Conn.  Has followed the sea thirty six
years, filling all stations from boy to master
+ at last is again “before the mast.”
Tuesday Sept. 16. Rain.  9 A.M.  Heave up anchors + sail away at
sun set (a fine golden one) pass Corrigidor island with a fair wind.
Sunday Oct. 5. Sight coast of Cambodia + begin four hour
tacks to the southward.  One week later, pass Pulo Condor [1]
at entrance to Gulf of Siam.

Page 52