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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 37

been dry as the day. On this one quite a dew is falling.
The bark seen last Sunday, still in sight (Norwegian)
seems to be love making with a British ship. They keep
together,+ boats pass often between them. Not a bad
looking young woman with white bask and blue dress
skirt on board the Englishman.
Monday May 19. A.M. Sight Victory [1] + Barren islands [2]
westward, P.M. Riabu [3], southern most of Anamba Ids  [4].
Lat. 2º7’ N. Long. 108 miles, best run since
leaving Amsterdam I . [5]
Monday May 26. Lat. 9º26 N Lon. 109º29 E. 10 A.M.
A water spout in the north east. Fresh breeze.
May 27. 2 ½ A.M. Fireball at the mizzen truck.
during lightening squall. Lat. 11º22 N. Lon.110º27’E.
Sunday June 1. 8.A.M Heavy squall from W.S.W
rainy weather. Passed a ship bound south.
Lat. 18º41’ N. Long. 114º19 East.
Tuesday June 3. After last midnight stood off and on,
Till daylight disclosed the the Ladrone island [6] right ahead.
Took Chinese pilot and stood in. through fog and rain
that cleared away in the forenoon. A water spout passed
across our bows, very near us. Anchored in Hong Kong
Harbor at 6 P.M. Heavy blow in the night.


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