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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 40

dined at the “Hermitage” of Mess. Russell + Co + passed
a very pleasant evening. Young Dalmada (of Kent. Coun.)
+ another clerk escorting me up the hill from the Oriental
hotel. Found M. Dumaresque excellent company.
Monday June 9. 10 A.M. called at Thos. Hunt + Co’s [1] to
see Mr. Barney, but miss him. P.M. He came on
board + made me a pleasant little visit. Invitation
to go with him to Canton. Can not accept it at
present on account of the Margaret Eliza + Edith
Rose. Two ships from Wampoa [2] to Shanghai [3] via
Hong Kong - will be here in a day or two. Mr. Dillino
thinks I may find a berth in one of them.
Tuesday June 10. Before breakfast sail over to, and
stroll through "Happy Valley" [4] - 9 o'clock. Board the
Jabez Snow [5], (lying next us) and ask Capt. Ginn
to ship me as boy. Agreed. ("If you want your business
done, go; if not, send") Can come if and when I like.
She will not sail before July. uncertain for what port.
Mail letters to Mother Martha + Henry (three in one) Lillie
+ Annie McLane. Buy Camphor trunk.
Wednesday June 11. 6 A.M. Hour in the Gymnasium.
To the Jabez Snow + ratify my bargain. Ashore + get
cargo of camphor for Anti moth purposes. P.M. Pack.

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