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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 29

5 P.M. Anchor at Angier [1] three miles off shore. ½ past 5
Capt. J. and I leave the ship in his fine boat. 6 P.M.
enter the canal, and land on the stone stairs under the
great Banyan tree [2]. Two or three Malay [3] soldiers stood
there. One little man with brass breast plate and a
short sword at his side conducted us to the Governor’s
house. (Sellim too met as at the landing with a baby in
arms, brass anklets, embossed, on its little legs, and
any number of squatting natives thronged about.)
The governor soon appeared. The verandah
seems a kind of reception room. A very agreeable
one in the cool of the day. Here, seated about a little
table under a hanging lamp we passed an hour.
The house is large and airy, no upstairs, and
opens between four white pillars to the front.
overlooking a flower garden, a grassy flat, and
white beach where the sea rolls in and out. To the
right a green road runs by the shore between
trees, and to the left it stretches away into the
country. Capt. J. paid [1,00?] for the “London + China
Express” received today. A speculation for the Governor
who sells his paper first and talks after. He is a
pleasant gentleman-duchman, speaks english


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