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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 50

alone, being unable to direct my Indian driver to the French
hotel for Mr. West- a young man just out from via
Boston from Springfield Ill. He is to enter the employ
of R. + S. Go to the Calzada + enjoy the cool sea breeze
while surf + band make ‘music for the milliue’ [milieu].
This is a feast day. Reach hotel again at ½ past 8, and
at 9 o’clock hide in my San Fernando rat hole for
the night.                  Saturday July 26. Early
morning walk in the streets of the ‘walled city’ [1] with a
ferry man for guide, + return to the ship for breakfast
the rest of today + morrow. Monday July 27.
Capt. Gimmis [Ginn’s] boy John, a young Dublinite, goes ashore
with me + spend the forenoon in a cabriolet [2] doing
Manila. Put up at the Pau Fi- in the old stable
scented room with promise of ‘better soon’. Call at French
hotel, see Mr. Miller, engineer of the Hemp Press, + walk
with him to Mr. Gilmartin’s.                Tuesday July 28.
½ past 6 A. M. Steamer for Bulacan, return at ½ past 
noon. July 29. Walk about Manila. Visit cigar
manufactory with its 7000 girls + piles of ‘tobac’. Dine
+ spend the eve. by invitation of Mr. Green with Mess. Russell
+ S.       July 30. Go in Banker to Sugar House + Cigarettes
Factory. Latter employs 3000 men + boys. Eve. Go to the

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