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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 27

to do likewise. about half, stopping just in time.
The “Cannata,” making sternway, lowered a boat
and sent out a line for towing. Seeing her distress
the Joshua Mauran, Sonora + Oriental quickly sent
boats to her assistance. the Captains boarding the
englishman, while the men gave a “strong pull
and a long pull.” I was boat steerer for our crew.
At 8AM. the “Cannata” was again anchored in Mew
Bay. Cap J. and I breakfasted with Capt. Mulligan.
Ret’d to the Oriental. Captns M. + Brown called in
their boats. Toward noon all went to the Cannata and
getting her cabin people, adjourned to the Sonora for
dinner. Find Mr. John Morris a very pleasant
acquaintance. Tigers have driven the Malays from
the mainland here. but we have seen none, and
at 3pm. Mr M. Mr. Lord (mate of the Sonora) and I
started for the beach, for a swim possibly, and to
pick up some of the pretty shells there. Before we could
land, a fair wind came. In an instant the ships were
in commotion. We hurried back and soon were in
motion up the straits. At dusk a Prow appeared.
and its Master Selim - an Anjer Malay, with two wives,
and four children at home, the fifth with him - climbed

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