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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 36

fathoms water, as ship was going astern. Breeze came
right away, and at 10 A.M. were off again. Strong
eastward current setting us toward Borneo [1]. Just
where we don’t want to go. Rather discouraging.
Friday May 16. Sunrise. large clipper ship [2]. (three
sky sails) crossed our bows with a fair wind steering
southeast. Noon, tables turn - the fair wind, soft as
an infant’s breath, is ours, and the ship close hauled,
is almost motionless. Our yards are square once
more, with all studding sails set. The old trade. twilight
again follows a beautiful sunset, and banks of
fleecy cumuli line the horizon. I watched the
sun set with a glass, crying “time”! when the upper
limit sank net of sight. Capt. J. noted the instant
by his chronometer [3] + worked the longitude.
Saturday May 17. Lat 11º s. Long 107º 28’ Sight “St.
Barbe” island (7 miles north of the Line). Very heavy squall
in P.M. under double reef topsails + fore top mast
staysail. Sunday May 18. A fine south wind. Pass
to the westward of St. Barbe, St. Esprit groupe, St. Julian.
At sun down saw the Camel’s Hump - from the fore top sail
yard just rising 35 miles northward. Nights lately have

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