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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 19

Saturday April 26. We are “pretty good looking, but can’t
come in.” Wind from the north W. right ahead. Sighted
land in the morning. supposed to be Java Head [1]. proved to
be Cape Monijol in about Lat. 10°. 16’ s. Long 106°24’l.
Afterward saw Klapper Id [2]. 10 miles s.e of Java Head. Last
night was full of thunder lightening and rain. Saw a bird
taking a “boat ride” on a log.
Sunday April 27. Fine. P.m. calm. Made 18 miles yesterday.
Sighted Cape Sangian Siri [3] and Paiong Pt. The southwestern
extremity of Java. Nine sail visible at sunset. all bound in.
Tide-up and shore-drift. devil fish and small fish. bonita
and fishhooks make and break the day.
Monday. Delightful. Yesterday, 18 miles to the east of the
head-land. today as far west of it. Wind blowing right down
the Straits [4]. All day beating before the mouth of the narrow
channel between Princes Island [5], and Java head. Nearly
go foul of a stupid English bark. At dusk hauled up
our courses and hove to near the land. where the noise of the
surf sounded like the roar of a distant and tremendous water
fall. Sharp lightening played over both island and main.
The hills are covered with very dense forest. its jungles creeping
down to the water edge. in some places leaving a narrow beach
of white sand. Giant rocks just out into the sea. clothed

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