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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 32

calves bound to be ditto. Native huts and people
thick as hops. Passed a kind of bazaar, where
near a hundred Malays of every size and sex were
displaying merchandise. Each proprietor sat on
the ground under the trees behind his goods, which
were spread on mats. All had little articles for native
use. Guns, jaggery, spools of thread. In one place a
family were at breakfast around one pot of rice.
practicing the primitive custom of ”fingers before forks”.
Malay teeth are black and set in the most
disgusting mouth imaginable
Returned to the hotel at 9 o’clock after a six mile
walk. Drank a glass of milk. Capt J. had gone
on board at 7AM. I saw them hoisting the main top sail,
and quick as possible engaged a boat with five Malays
to row me to the Oriental. 10AM. Anchor up. Sunset
past Thwart the Way [1]. and Button on the left Cap I, and
St. Nicholas Pt (the north west extreme of Java) to the
right, and are fairly embarked on Java sea sailing
up the east coast of Sumatra .
Wednesday. May 7. Pass very near the “Two Brothers” [2] +
a native proa [3] close to them. Saw two white sharks +
a water snake.


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