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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 17

Wednesday April 9. Fine. Therm. 70°. Porpoises at sunrise.
The carpenter harpooned one, but on account of my
giving too much slack, he broke away.
and the harpoon came in bent and bloody. the school instantly
disappeared, I suppose in their accustomed chase of the
wounded fish. Today have unbent the new sails
again and bent in the old ones, as we are out of the
stormy region. Crew have had ‘watch and watch’ since
passing the Cape. All hands on deck through the after
Monday April 14. Tradewide. 7pm. A beautiful, clearly,
defined rainbow by moonlight in a passing shower. almost.
resting an end upon the topsail. Finished writing Lillie.
Ate our last potato today. Have been on allowance of
one each for a week past. Lat 26 degrees s. Long 102 E
Saturday Apl 12. Spoke schnr “Molly” from Hamburg.
for Amoy. Captains exchange freemason signals sub
rosa. Tuesday april 15. Blowing. headwind. double
reefs. qualmish. I Take a holiday, therefore.
Wednesday Apl 16. Cross “Capricorn.” Thursday April 17.
Saw a shark fin above water at noon. Ship astern,
coming up on us. Thursday April 17. Yesterday’s
ship proves a Clipper “Bark.” Tried to talk with signals

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