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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 30

as if born to it. told us much old news of interest.
Anything less than five months old was new to us.
His wife is postmaster from choice, because her
husband was “not particular enough about the letters.”
We left our home letters there. At parting, the
governor by request gave me a “leaf” to preserve
for somebody. and beside, a beautiful handful
of flowers from his garden. We next went to
Sellim’s house to bargain for ship stores. Found
quite a lordly mansion, compared with the
neighboring rows of white fronted cotages. It
stands close by the mosque. Business done,
Sellim lead us to the hotel. This building is
smaller than the governor’s, to the left of which
it stands. but quite pleasant, with high ceilings
of netted bamboo, and a space for ventilation
at top of the walls. It also opens toward the sea.
is very like the other. has a large open court
in the rear, shaded by a large banyan, and fenced
in with low buildings. Read the N.Y. Herald [1] of Febry 26 +
Mch 4. Drank two tiny cups of tea and took a morsel of bread
so fulfilling my childhood dreams of “Eating bread
in two kingdoms.”
[2] A headache forbade more -


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