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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 47

P.M. Last call and dinner with the Vroomans. Mr.
V. returns with me to Russell’s, via Sha min. Have a
small package from Mrs. V. for Mrs. A B Merwin, N.Y.
Thursday, July 3, 8 A.M. Take passage to Hong Kong on the "White
[1] From her go direct to the Jabez Snow, and keep cargo tally
rest of the P.M. ‘Our Crokie’ or Croker is drowned and the
two other boys were gone to bury him when I reached the ship.
Day before yesterday at supper-time he went over the bow
alone for a swim, dove, and did not rise. Suppose the tide
held him under the ship. His body was dragged up yesterday
morning, and fastened along-side by a rope, the law forbidding
to take it on board. The police took charge of it.

Friday, July 4. Stay on the ship all day keeping tally, and
so keep the ‘glorious Fourth,’ being unfit to join the festivities
on shore, and quite ignorant of what they are beyond reports of
fire arms, and rumor of ‘glorious drunks’ to be. American
ships in the harbor are gay with bunting, and at noon
bombarded “Independence Day” with a good will. Fireworks
in town in the evening with occasional ship rockets over the
water. Saturday, July 5. Spent last night in Mr. Kinney’s
swinging cot on the after house roof. Eve. Write Mother.

Sunday, July 6. Carpenter and 2d mate (Mr. Dick Chandler) go
ashore, the latter returns at 10 P.M. drunk. In a few minutes Mr. Chandler fell
overboard and was drowned. No trace of him after but his cap, which

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