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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 7

projected from it.” (Horsburgh.) [1] Fish hawks and
gulls in this neighborhood.
Sunday, Feb. 9. First light breeze from N.N.W.
and pleasant. Latter part fine breeze from W.S.W.
and clear. Lat. 29° 51’ S., Long. 23° 27’ W [2]. Whale
birds behind us. The southern limits of the
flying fish ground [3]. Plenty of them today and a
a grand feast day to the bonita. Monday. Feb. 10.
Moderate from sou-west, middle and latter part.
fine breeze from westward and pleasant.
Tuesday, Feb 11. Wind increasing, double
reef topsails at 11 P.M. C. B.G. in a bad way
Feb. 12. Fresh gale and high sea. Latter part
fresh from s.s.e. and pleasant weather. Wilkins
Micawber on the mend.
Three or four days light air and calm.
17th. Breeze from westward. Lat. 33° 41’S., [4]
Long. 15° 7’ W. Feb. 19, 6 A.M. Whale
half the length of ship broke water close
alongside. “A little more slumber[5] said I
and did not see it. Feb 20. Saw two whales
at a little distance. Lat 37° S., Long. 2° 35’ W.
Sunday, Feb. 23. First day in east longitude.
24th. Two whales cross our bow. Wind blowing hard.

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