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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 4

New York. Monday Dec. 9. 1861. 9.15 A.M.
On board the Oriental leaving Pier 49. E.R.
in tow by steamer Active. Anchor near
Bedloe’s island [Island][1]. Go back to the city with Capt.
J. and Pilot. 11.40 A.M. Heave anchor and
start down the Bay. Mr. Pearl with us. ½ past
1 P.M. pass Guard boat. Cannon target
practice across the water [2]. with whistling ball
and grand echo. ½ past 4 P.M. Anchor just
inside the Hook [3]. A perfect day, ended by a
fine sunset over the Highlands.
Tuesday Dec. 10. Calm, and thick fog.
Wednesday “ [December] 11. N.W. wind. 7 A.M. Up anchor
8. A.M. Pilot taken off by small propeller.
8.10 passenger vomits. Loose sight of
Neversink before noon. Stiff breeze. Midnight
passenger thinks himself bound for “Davy
Jone’s locker[4] – is disappointed.
Thursday Dec. 12. Wind moderating – sea
sickness increases. Enter the Gulf stream.
Midnight cargo (coal) shifts to starboard.
All hands “man” the shovels till morning.
Barrel of molasses gets sea-sick twice during the

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