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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 21

three times drifted back round Prince’s island [1], in attempting
the passage of the straits. “Hard times.” A Providence bark
passing astern at midnight, was warned by Capt. J [2] to
lookout, or the current would set him to leeward on the
rocks. “You look out for your ship and I’ll lookout for
mine, sir,” was the retort.
Wednesday Apl 30. Tacked all the forenoon, with small
profit. Nearly bumped noses with our polite friend of
last night. A long, lean, bent. crabbed old fellow
with a steeple hat [3] and voice like a rat trap - “Don’t
you know no better than to put your wheel down right
under my bow?” Noon. fair wind + current changed
in our favor. Set studding sails [4], and at sun set were making slowly
past it about midway of Mew Bay[5]. The red and orange
sky, lake-like sea, and ships and beautiful land
seemed heavenly - more lovely than any thing on
earth. Four sails astern, four ahead, and the Providence
Yankee abeam. Under the island a little brig lay at
anchor keeping “4th of July” with her big gun. Passed
the evening in my chair on the house roof. Our men
gave us “My old Kentucky Home”[6] from the forecastle,
Harry accompanying with his guitar. Then from


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