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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 45

in the rain, spend most of the day at his house. Return at
5 P.M. + take to my bed with the stomach ache.  After this
manner do I become 23 years of age.
Saturday June 28. Boat excursion to Chun Tsun with
Messes Vrooman+ Nevins [1]. The latter is the only missionary
of the United Presb. Church in Canton. Has not yet sufficiently
mastered the language to begin preaching -  has been here
2yrs. The ride was delightful. Climbed a hill at Chun
Tsun that gave a fine wide view of the surrounding country
+ villages. Left Canton 6 A.M. Reached Mr. V’s house again
at 8 P.M. where, on account of fatigue,  I pass the night.
Mr. Forbes gone to Hong Kong. We had native preaching [2] and distributing of books up there. [3]
Sunday June 29. A good hour-talk with Mrs.  V. about the
Merwins, + other people we mutually know, or know of.
Mary B. Miss Warner, Miss Pearly, Annie Mc L. +c. 11A.M.
Went into Mr. V’s chapel [4] with the family, + attended chinese
worship. Mrs. V’s melodeon [5] + voice with the throats of her little
school [6] made the music singing “Jerusalem my happy
home” to the tune Ortonville [7]. The native preacher + Mr. V.
talked to, for the most part a constantly changing audience
of 125 persons. P.M. Return to Honam. Tiffin at ½ past 5,
½ 6. Attend missionary meeting at the house of Mr. Turner
of the London M.P.

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