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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 31

The landlord and lady were pleasant people. Capt. J. made
the best of their society, while I devoured the news.
Two young men, Hollanders, staying in the hotel, were
all the Europeans (except those mentioned) we saw. After
a few minutes in the outside air a short stroll we
were shown our rooms. Mine was a pretty one, with
curtained bed cane bottomed lounge chairs +c. On
my center table I put the governors flowers in a vase.
Threw wide open, the window and blinds blessed the
broad leaves hanging near, and lay down. I was
visited by more mosquitoes than sleep. Had a dream
or two about one of the Sellim’s three wives. We passed her
in the evening going home. I could not see her features
but her form was comely and the black wavy hair fell
in a bewitching mass over her shoulders. “We may
be plain in the face are unexceptionable behind.”
Tuesday May 6. Rose a little before the sun and made
a “bold strike” for the country. Followed the highway
about three miles. Heard the birds sing. Saw all manner
of tropical trees. cocoa nuts, bananas, +C. Rice swamps,
terraced gardens + nondescript oxen plowing therein
sleek + brown. donkey size. horns slanting in exact
line with nose + forehead. Cows of same pattern, and sucking


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