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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 13

Bill, and Bill the spare top-mast. [1] “So we go.”
Wednesday night in the middle watch the wind
suddenly dropped away, leaving a calm, - black
heavy, ominous. the waves trembling gloomily
about. foamless under a fall of rain. In an
hour and a half a breeze sprang out of the N.W. and
right soon we had a touch of Maury’s “brave west
[2] To day (the 14th) things go on swimmingly.
the first clear sunset for a long time, but even
now a little muddy. A narrow disk-wide belt
of sky between clouds and horizon. Enough though
to send me capless in the Poop. [3] if haply I might see
it. Yesterday made our furthest southing viz – 40 degrees 32’
Today Lat 40 degrees. Long. 52 degrees. E. The night after March 6
was full of “hailstones (big as end of my thumb)
and coals of fire” i.e lightning. but invisible to me.
Last eve. finished reading “Physical Geog. of the sea” [4]
March 15. Evening. Began reading aloud with
Capt J. “Motleys “Dutch Republic.” [5]  
Monday 17. “Loosed the Main Royal.” [6] my first attempt
and nearly “loosed” my hat as I did quite, my sou-wester [7]
the other day. Ship going 8 knots. 160 miles yesterday.
Lat 39 ½ degrees south. Long. 61 degrees E.

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