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Cornelius Gold Journal, Page 9

by a bit of the skin of his nose. No lives lost.
Result of this day’s labor, a good appetite, and
better intentions. Am a “tar” from this date.
Lat. 39º. 15s. Long. 14º east. [1]
Friday Feb. 28. Long 16º east. Sailing over the
green waters of Good Hope soundings. Capt. J.
called my attention to the change in color this
afternoon. Rose at 5 A.M. A fine sunrise,
and calm, quiet, delicious day. Reminds me of the
trades. Stud’n [studding] sails set. At dusk, a sail off the
weather bow. Saturday March 1. Barometer [2] falling,
denotes change of weather, and we have it, the fine
N.E. breeze of yesterday shifting to the west with
rain squalls. Are running away from the British
bark seen last night, slowly. Ensigns speak
this P.M. She is the second vessel we have passed
in the Hong Kong race, the first being a schooner [3]
for the Rio Grande [4], spoken near the equator.
To day at noon, on the meridian of Cape l'Agulhas [5]
(20º east) the southernmost point of Africa.
Monday Feb. 17. 11. P.M. Mr. Nelson startled the
cabin by saying that the 2nd mate had fallen dead
on deck. It was a false alarm, being only a fainting

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